Science Box

We have a program that will take science and math education at Condit to the next level by creating great “Aha!” moments with hands-on learning.

There’s a moment that teachers live for. It’s the moment when a student’s eyes light up as he or she finally solves a tough problem. It’s an “aha!” moment.  We know that hands-on learning is the key to creating a million moments like that every day, in every classroom.


Condit Elementary uses Science Technical Engineering Math kits from ETA hand2mind, and we need parent volunteers to help us with this exciting program.

Students learn better when their hands and minds work together. Study after study has proven the power of hands-on learning. But more importantly, countless students have proven it, too. Thousands of high-achieving students in classrooms across the country have been taught using our hands-on resources. These students go on to become productive citizens…solving problems, thinking critically, and intelligently participating in society.


Hands-on learning isn’t new—in fact, it’s the way we learn from the time we are born. By moving and manipulating the world around us, we make sense of our environment and how things work. When students engage in hands-on learning, they:

  • Achieve at higher levels than those who are not taught with manipulatives
  • Develop critical problem solving and strategic thinking skills to use for a lifetime
  • Learn the value of persistence as they work toward greater comprehension and conceptual understanding

Join the Science Box team and you’ll have the opportunity to see firsthand your children in those “Aha” moments!


Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Committee Chairs:
Pinar Cepni & Esperanza Vaughan