PTO Financial Procedures & Treasurer Forms

The following cash procedures have been developed in accordance with the PTO bylaws and the recommendations set forth by the PTO’s annual independent review committee.

Please contact the Treasurer directly ( if you have any questions or comments regarding the procedures set forth below.


a) Complete in its entirety the PTO Income Form for all monies received at an event, collections or through the mail. All treasury forms are located online and in the PTO box.

b) When possible, find a volunteer to witness counting of cash. Both counters should sign/date the form.

c) Please make sure the PTO Income Form is completed to include:

  • separation of currency/coins by denomination, calculate & document
  • detail of individual checks received
  • select a Budget Category
  • Cash, checks and totals are calculated accurately
  • sign & date the acknowledgement indicating “all income/expenses are true and correct”

d) Place the PTO Income Form & money in an envelope & drop it in the safe. Safe & supplies are located in the front office near the PTO box.

  • The Treasurer will record the amount of the deposit to the proper account.
  • Monies for all events should be turned over to the treasurer promptly for deposit. For safety
    reasons, money should not be taken off school premises.

e) Committee Heads: Please use the PTO box for correspondence (see examples, below). If you don’t see your committee’s file in the box, please let me know so one can be created.

  • expense forms & receipts – place in Treasurer’s file
  • reimbursement checks – returned to the committee file when possible
  • please no money in the folders – always use the safe


a) Complete a Payment Request Form to request a check for reimbursement or a check to be paid directly to a vendor. It is required by the PTO bylaws that expense reimbursements are submitted within 3 weeks of the original expense.

b) The requestor must designate a Budget Category to which the amount will be expensed.

  • Original Invoice or Receipt(s) must be attached for processing.
  • Sales Tax will not be reimbursed. The PTO is not subject to sales tax and copies of our “State of Texas Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption” are available online and in the PTO box. Please present this to vendors before making your purchases.

c) Make a copy of the Payment Request Form and attached receipts for your records and place the original request with original receipts in the Treasurer’s folder for processing.

  • Acknowledgement: sign the bottom portion of the form “I acknowledge that all expenses listed above are true and correct and were incurred for the benefit of Condit Elementary and hereby request to be reimbursed for these expenses”.

d) Check requests will typically be processed once weekly. As stated on the form, a reimbursement should be received within two weeks of the request. Please allow adequate time for payments to be reimbursed and paid to vendors.

e) Complete the Payment Request Form to request petty cash for your event. The check will be made out to the requestor.

  • The Requestor must designate the Budget Category to which the amount will be debited.
  • Breakdown the amount requested into desired denominations – this will help you decide how much you will need.
  • Turn in your request at least 2 weeks prior to your event to insure that the request is processed and you have time to cash the check.
  • Petty Cash should be re-deposited upon completion of the event and should be accounted for on the PTO Income Form separately as “Petty Cash Redeposit”.

f) Checks are void after 3 months and will not be accepted by the bank or reissued by Condit. Lost reimbursement checks may be reissued one time only if the original issue date was within the last 3 months. Please contact the Treasurer immediately to have a check reissued.


Payment Reimbursement Form

Income Form

PTO Tax Certificate

WalMart Condit Tax Exempt