Condit Green Generations

Condit Green Generations is a parent and student volunteer-led group working to promote environmental awareness and sustainability as well as school-wide beautification, including creating green spaces both indoors and outdoors, for student instruction and growth.

CGG’s goals:

  • Championing the 3 Rs at Condit (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • Providing indoor plants to purify air, inculcate environmental care and provide an instructional application.
  • Outdoor / indoor compost to help reduce waste, increase awareness and provide soil/compost for school garden/green areas.
  • Green Patrol Club gets students involved / hands on the 3 Rs.
  • Gardening – students help with maintenance of garden (weeding, planting, cleaning, gardening and harvesting their own food).
  • CGG Earth Day celebration showcasing plants, composting and the 3Rs. Provide eco-friendly games and prizes.