IFEST 2021 – March 5th – Download Map and Scavenger Hunt

IFEST is almost here! We are so excited for our 2021 version of Condit’s IFEST!

27 Condit families have volunteered to be “Country Representatives” and we hope that all the rest of you will join us as “Travelers”.

Below you will find links to a map of all the countries around the neighborhood, including 3 that will be hosted right here at Condit in the circle drive on 3rd Street. We have also included a page of Fun Facts about each country and 2 things to look for in a scavenger hunt.

Please print these pages and bring them with you as you “travel around the world” right here in Bellaire!

There will be a stack of printed pages outside the front office at Condit on Friday, March 5th.

Condit IFEST Map (printable)

IFEST Interactive Google Map

IFEST Scavenger Hunt and Fun Facts

IFEST Printable FAQs

Also, don’t forget that Friday at school (virtual or in-person!), all students are encouraged to dress up in the traditional costumes of a country of their choice!

We look forward to seeing you on your travels!!