Shared Decision Making Committee

The SDMC is composed of members of school staff, community members and 2 parent/PTO positions. Representatives are elected by the faculty and parents are elected by the PTO membership. They meet monthly and as needed to discuss issues brought forth by the administration, staff, parents, or community. Each school year, the SDMC shall assist the principal in developing, reviewing, and revising the School Improvement Plan for the purpose of improving performance for all student populations. Representatives are expected to:

  1. Attend District V meetings on the second Thursday of each month to hear speakers from HISD administration address issues and programs at HISD.
  2. Keep up with HISD Board meeting agenda items by reading the Board section of the HISD website.
  3. Be aware of Condit policies and issues, share this information with other Condit parents, and present concerns to the SDMC as appropriate.
  4. Serve a term of 2 years.
  5. Maintain a suggestion box in the Condit office.

Contact for questions or comments.