Online Student Directory

New to Condit Families:

The Condit PTO is using a software system to collect the directory information online through a secure website. You will enter your family’s data once online for all of your children at Condit for 2015-2016. The directory will be published in the standard printed version along with a secure online version that can be accessed using a computer or an app on your smartphone. You will be able to call, email or view a Google map of an address on your phone – it is really cool!

Beat the paper storm of the first week of school and enter your data now online (the directory staff will link your child to their teacher after school starts). The data entry only takes a few minutes! You will receive login information a day or two after you submit your data.

Entry link:

 Returning Condit Families:

Based on last year’s email you were sent a directory confirmation email on Friday Aug. 8th. This email contains a link to your data which you can edit & update. Please if you need this email resent.

 Condit Directory Online Login:

If you have any questions, please email Julia Tamm: Condit Directory Committee