Condit Spark Park


The SPARK School Program works with schools and neighborhoods to develop community parks on public school grounds. In the past 30 years, SPARK has built over 200+ community parks throughout the Houston/Harris County area. Each park is unique, with its design based on ideas and needs of the school and surrounding neighborhoods. SPARK Parks are required to be available for public use after the school day (including after-school programs) has ended and on weekends.

The Condit SPARK Park will be built on the south field between the trees and the current playground. Four signature elements are currently planned:

  • Obstacle Course – A “ninja warrior” style course providing the ultimate physical fitness-oriented play equipment for kids ages 5-12
  • Multi-Purpose Deck – A deck placed under the canopy of trees to host classes, performances, a game area, art exhibits and flexible seating
  • Gaga Pit – A modern-day version of dodge ball where kids tag other kids (and adults) out by hitting the ball off a bounce below the opponent’s knees
  • Pre-K Playground – Smaller and more age appropriate equipment for kids ages 2-5 for kids and younger siblings to have a place to play

The park will be built in several phases over multiple years based on funding availability with the first phase expected in the summer of 2018. The project is mostly funded by the Condit PTO with initial contributions from SPARK and HISD.

Committee Chairs: Susan Granger-Tyler, Eric Heacock and Stacy Sederis

For more information on the SPARK School Program, please go to

Condit SPARK Park Overview